The author of the book, hereby understands & agrees to the following terms:


The author is submitting the manuscript of a book or books in his/her own will to Prachi Digital Publication for the purpose of pre-press activities, printing, distribution and promotion.

Prachi Digital Publication will print and bring into circulation, the manuscript being submitted by the author, within 30 days of the author’s payment getting cleared. The book is sent to press if there are no dues from the author. This will not include the time taken for the books to reach the author by post/ courier. In the rare case that the book is getting delayed to be published for reasons beyond one’s control – like unavailability of paper, flood, acute power crisis, festival holidays, strike of press workers, etc. Prachi Digital Publication will keep the author informed by email/phone and will do their best to get the book published on time. The book can be published in 30 days if author approves book and book cover design for printing, within 1 week of getting the print-ready version of the book and cover design from us. If the author delays in approving the book for printing, the process may be delayed beyond 15-20 days. 30 days does not include the time taken for typesetting and proofreading, if proofreading and/or typesetting are included, additional time would be required.

The author can expect the services from Prachi Digital Publication that are listed in Prachi Digital Publication website Additional services not listed in the selected package are available on additional payment (add on).

The author of the book, or his/her nominated family member will be the copyright holder of the book.

The author can also separately promote and advertise the book to build awareness and increase sales.

The author can sell movie rights for this book to any filmmaker or movie producer any time without having to take permission of Prachi Digital Publication. Prachi Digital Publication will have no say in this matter.

The author can get this book translated in any other language and publish translated version of this book in the same country without seeking permission of Prachi Digital Publication.

The author assures that this work is original and not exactly the same as any other literature written by someone else, ruling out the possibilities of any copyright issues with other authors. In case the book is found to be plagiarized, or copied, Prachi Digital Publication will have the right to withdraw the book from circulation with no refund.

The author assures that he/she owns the right/copyright of all the images and photos used inside the book. No image can be used for which the author does not own the copyright. Prachi Digital Publication will not be a party of any lawsuit arising, if any, for anyone challenging the use of copyrighted photo/image in the book, and Prachi Digital Publication may withdraw the book if any such lawsuit / legal proceedings happen about the use of copyrighted image/photo. If any lawsuit arises from the book in this regard and Prachi Digital Publication is by any chance made a part of it, the author will pay the legal expenses, fines, compensation if any applicable on Prachi Digital Publication.

The author can resell the books he/she receives as complementary copies from Prachi Digital Publication.

The book will be available through Prachi Digital Publication website anytime for buyers, as long as it is with Prachi Digital Publication. Buyers will be able to buy online, by making NEFT/credit/debit card/netbanking payment or by cheque payment.

The author will be able to make changes to his/her book till he/she has approved the book to be printed. No changes are possible once the book is in press. Changes are however possible in the next printed version/edition, after the ready stock of her/his books get sold and completed. If the author-approved version which is going to the press has mistakes, the mistakes will be there in the printed version, and Prachi Digital Publication will not be responsible for those; that is why it is recommended that the author checks the final print-ready version carefully before approving for print. If the author wants changes in the book after it is printed, additional “book revision charges” are payable.

The author assures that his/her book is not among the follow mentioned categories of books Prachi Digital Publication does not print and distribute:

  • Pornographic or obscene books.
  • Books propagating the ideology of terrorist groups, anti-government in content or against the interest of the nation.
  • Books containing personal attacks, allegations or hatred towards real person(s), organization(s) or communities, books containing legal case histories & solicitations of past, presently continuing or planned future litigation with real person(s), organization(s) or communities.
  • Books that postulate, propagate or promote superstition and superstitious thinking, like astrology books, books on palmistry, feng shui, black magic, horoscopes, numerology, Vastu Shastra and other forms of magic remedies.

The author can suggest changes to the inside of the book before it is sent for printing twice; or rounds of changes are permissible as mentioned in package. Requests for further changes over the 3rd request are chargeable. In each round the author can send a complete list of changes he/she wants.

One round of minor changes are allowed on the cover design and the cover design is made from the suggestions sent initially by the author. If the author dismisses the cover design and asks for a completely new design from a new idea after presentation of the 1st draft design, it will be treated as a new cover and cover design charges are chargeable.

Validity of all the packages will be up to 1 year from the date of publication or maximum copies of sales (fixed on contract basis). After the validity of the plan expires, the author will have to pay again.

Prachi Digital Publication takes no responsibility of the content of the book. The views expressed in the book are solely those of the author and the printer & distributor Prachi Digital Publication has nothing to do with the ownership of the content. The printer and distributor will not be a party with the author if any lawsuit arises from the content of the book. Prachi Digital Publication may withdraw the book if any lawsuit / legal proceedings happen regarding the content of the book or for other reasons. If any lawsuit arises from the book and Prachi Digital Publication is by any chance made a part of it, the author will pay the legal expenses, fines, compensation if any applicable on Prachi Digital Publication .

Cancellations if any, have to be made within 72 hours of ordering and payment. After this there will be a request for a refund, then it will be disposed of under the refund and cancellation policy of our company.

Shipping or postage charges will apply on delivery of books ordered. Shipping charges differ from outlet to outlet. Only complimentary copies are sent free of shipping cost.

The distribution and availability of the book in different outlets is included for 1 year from publication. If maximum copies fixed on the basis of contract are not sold within 1 year, the author will have to pay 15% of the package renewal fee. If the author does not pay the renewal fee then the contract will expire.

On all sales of the Work, Publisher shall pay the Author percent (100%) of net profit. Net profit are the payments that Publisher actually receives from sales of Work, less any distribution charges, returns, taxes, credit card facilitation charges, shipping and handling charges. No royalty shall be paid to copies sold to the Author. Publisher shall pay Author all royalties earned (Minimum payout amount is Rs. 30,000), on a monthly basis, within fifteen (15) days of the end of each calendar month in which the Author earned a royalty.

Photos of the author, the book cover, any events related to the book, or its launch, scans / photos of newspaper reviews, articles related to the book can be used by Prachi Digital Publication for advertisement campaigns in newspapers, Facebook, or on the website of Prachi Digital Publication.

Prachi Digital Publication will maintain confidentiality of the manuscript, till it is printed and distributed by Prachi Digital Publication and avoid misuse of the manuscript.

Disputes arising if any, can be resolved by mails and phone calls or by arbitration. If these efforts fail, all legal actions are subject to jurisdictions of courts of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.