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How do I get started?

Please get in touch with us via a call on +91 9760417980 or mail us to publish@prachidigital.in or fill up this form.

I have already published the book with another publisher. Will you help me move the work to you?

Yes. we will be happy to facilitate the transition. We will help with all the files you need to request from the previous publisher, but we will not be able to interface directly with the previous publisher to get your files, as we are not authorized to do so.

In what format would you accept my manuscript?

We prefer accepting the work in Word format typed in Kruti dev 010 Hindi Fonts or Unicode. If you want to our typist type your work you can send by post or scan.

How do I make my payments to you?

You can make the payment via all forms Cheque, NEFT or through credit or debit card (upon request, we will send an invoice to you with a link to a payment gateway).

When do I need to pay for services opted?

We request 60% advance payment for the publishing services opted. The balance 40% is requested after the book is published.

After signing the contract, what is expected in the manuscript submission?

All the material you wish us to edit, must be sent as a part of the submission. A tentative indication is below; please feel free to submit whatever you think should be a part of your work, all components are not mandatory:

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Dedication
  3. Table of contents
  4. Prologue
  5. About the author
  6. About the book: A tentative back cover blurb (which goes on the back of the book) – Preferably within 1800 characters.
  7. References, Citations, Credits and Permissions used
  8. Glossary of terms
  9. Short notes marked along with context
  10. The full manuscript of your book
How do I extend my existing contract with you and/or purchase a new service?

For time bound subscription based services like Social Media Management or Warehousing services, etc., when the period of the contract gets over, you are intimated about the same. You may continue or discontinue the same as per your discretion. If you wish you extend the contract or purchase a new service at this point, we send you an updated schedule/addendum to the previously signed contract.

How do I close a contract?

For individual services, e.g. only editing services, the contract expires once the services have been delivered to the author and the fees have been paid.

For any reasons, should you wish to discontinue the services during the process of delivery, depending on what stage of services have been delivered and payments received, the same can be mutually discussed and closed.

For discontinuing from an association where payment has been made and services have been delivered, like changing your publisher or moving to a traditional publisher, an email request is sufficient. We will need standard industry timelines for closing the services from our side and handing over any files you may need for yourself. We will ensure all related files of the project are deleted at our end and a confirmation of the same is provided to you.

Who fixes the list price of the book?
Author can decide the list price at any value more than the cost price of the book.
What is the royalty percentage offered?

We give 100% profit to the Author. Check the Author Profit Calculator for more details.

Who is Owner of rights?

You (the author) will always retain the copyrights to your work if you publish with Prachi Digital Publication.

Is copyright registration needed? Will you get it or do I have to?

As per most copyright laws globally, if you have created something unique as an art form, you own the copyrights of the same. Once the same is brought to the public domain, it establishes your copyright over the material. While that being the case, one may seek to register her/his copyright with a copyright registering authority as per the laws of your land.

What is an ISBN? Is it necessary for my book?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a 13-digit number that’s used internationally as a unique identifier for books. ISBN also identifies the publisher of the book. It is the standard ID number used to identify books by booksellers, libraries, book wholesalers, and distributors. If you plan to sell your book in bookstores, to libraries, or through online retailers like Amazon.com, you will need an ISBN. ISBNs are issued to publishers, who then assign them to individual books. This can be done at any time, even before the book is written. ISBN is mandatory if you wish to list and sell it via retailers; if you wish to have the book only for private circulation the ISBN is not necessary.

I have a paperback ISBN, can I use the same for the eBook version too?

As per the ISBN authorities, the eBook and paperback versions should have different ISBNs. A few retailers carry the same ISBN, while most prefer not to. We strongly recommend separate ISBNs.

Can I use an image that is not my picture or illustration?

You may, only if you have the rights to the same from the copyright holder, or the same is in the public domain.

What all do I need to submit for the layout/pagination?

All material in the order you want them to appear in the book needs to be submitted in one word file. Please do mention the title and author’s name which need to go on each page of the book. Please do understand that if the sequence of the material is not proper, the same amounts to extra work from our end, which results into additional expenditure from your end. If certain images, diagrams, etc., need to be inserted, please supply them separately and clearly mention the sections where the insertions need to take place on a separate sheet.

Before I approve my cover, what do I get to review?

You get to review the digital files if you are taking stand-alone design services. If you are taking our publishing packages or design and printing services, we help with a digitally printed proof as well (Here digitally printed refers to the technology used in the printing and not the nature of the soft copy).

What information do I need to submit for the cover?

Duly filled cover design brief, which would contain the title, subtitle, references, about the book, about the author, etc.

Anything specific you need on the cover – such as Author’s photograph, any special art work already designed, etc. (The images you submit, if any, need to be high resolution, i.e., 600/300 DPI)

What is covered in the cover design service?

The cover design service includes the design of front cover, spine, and back cover. Should you want the inside front cover and inside back cover designed, additional charges are applicable.

What are the different types of cover designs?

We offer three types of cover designs.

In Basic cover design service, we use suitable typography in plain backgrounds. In case you have any high resolution images to be given, we will put as is on the cover.
In Standard cover design service, we use suitable typography along with free stock images available in the public domain. We will be happy to use any images you may have clicked for the cover as well.
In Customized cover design service, we create a work from scratch, be it art or illustrations or paid images from reliable vendors, for something very specific in a given brief.

What formats do I need to submit the files for printing?

We prefer the inputs in print-ready PDF files, including the cover and inner pages. You may send the cover design files in any popular format like InDesign, PSD, etc. The print-ready PDF file should have crop marks and 3 to 5 mm bleed area.

Should I submit my print files in CMYK or in RGB colour mode?

We recommend CMYK mode as that is what the printers are going to use. When one transfers the RGB files to CMYK files, it is possible that there will be differences. Yet, if you already have designed the files in RGB, we can help to convert them to CMYK; we will get the proofs approved from you before we take it to printing.

What type of paper is used for interior and paperback covers?

For black & white interior, we use 65-70 GSM Paper. For Paperback covers we use 250-300 GSM art-board.

What is an eBook?

An eBook (Electronic Book) is a book whose contents are in an electronic format. The same may be adapted to various different devices, e.g. laptops, computers, e-readers, mobile phones, other handheld electronic devices, etc.

What are the various eBook formats you will convert my book to? Which retailers do these formats work with?

Most major eBook retailers globally accept the three standard formats: secured PDF, ePub & Mobi. We will help with all the three formats.

Do I choose how much my eBook costs?

Yes, you will decide the same.

How much royalty do I earn from eBook sales?

The royalty formula of all digital stores is different. But you can see the royalties given by us by click here.

In how much time do the eBooks go live?

The process generally takes about a week or so for the key retailers, and a maximum of about four weeks to cover all major eBook retailers.